TRAX Model Car Reviews: Spring 2023
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TRAX Model Car Reviews: Spring 2023

By Shannons - 08 November 2023

1981 Chrysler CM Regal Wagon

The CM was the last in the series of Australian Valiant models, with this body style debuting with the 1971 VH model. Offering a large fuselage design, the Chrysler was one of the largest wagons on the Australian market. The CM Regal offered luxury appointments along with load carrying convenience and was powered by a choice of either the 4.3 litre hemi six or the 5.2 litre V8 – with electronic lean burn (or ELB). ELB was designed to improve fuel consumption, a key focus in the early 1980’s. Trax has done an excellent job in recreating this classic Mopar wagon in 1/43rd scale. They are sure to sell fast so order yours today!

1982-86 Ford F100 – NSW Police Paddy Wagon

The concept of a “Paddy Wagon” goes way back to horse and cart days – where wayward individuals were packed into the back of a mobile “jail” by the local constabulary - for transport to the official prison! Trax has reproduced this Ford “Bull Nose” F100 in 1/43rd scale, representing the NSW Police force - adding exceptional detail including special side view mirrors and the unique cage section that was mounted in the rear tray. We are sure you will find this excellent model quite “arresting”.

1977 Holden HZ Kingswood Wagon

The HZ was one of Australia’s most popular cars – going head to head with the Falcon and Valiant. The HZ series represented the last in the series of Kingswood sedans and wagons and was fitted with the highly acclaimed Radial Tuned Suspension. This suspension known as “RTS” transformed the handling characteristics of the car and resulted in a response by both Ford and Chrysler to improve the dynamics of their respective models. Trax has done an excellent job in recreating this once popular family wagon in 1/43rd scale. Given this was once the mainstay of many family holidays, why not re-live that experience by grabbing your very own model today.

2007 FPV Cobra Ute

As part of the BF series 2 range, Ford Performance Vehicles released a very limited number of these exciting Cobra utilities. Based on the Super Pursuit specification, additional enhancements like dual blue stripes over the white duco replicated the livery of the original XC Cobra model. The ute was fitted with a Boss 302 Quad Cam V8, special interior with Snake logo seats and featured Brembo brakes as standard. As with the original, this 1/43rd scale replica by Trax will sell out fast – so race to order yours today to avoid disappointment.

1968 Holden HK Panel Van

The all new HK series of Holdens was a major departure for the General – with larger sedans, wagons, panel vans and utes – plus the awesome Monaro. Engine options included a range of Holden six cylinders up to a Chevrolet V8 – 307 cubic inches for most models and up to a 327 for the Monaro. With flared wheel arches and a wide range of options, the HK ushered in a totally new look for Holden. This HK Panel Van really does look the business, faithfully reproduced in 1/43rd scale by Trax, so what are you waiting for? Load up with yours today!

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