TRAX Model Car Reviews: Summer 2023
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TRAX Model Car Reviews: Summer 2023

By Shannons - 27 January 2023

2020 Ford Mustang R-Spec

The popularity of the new generation Mustang in Australia is well known to most car enthusiasts. To build on this success, Ford Australia produced a limited run of 500 R-Spec Mustangs, which added a super charger to the already powerful V8 power plant. Trax has recreated this modern day muscle car in 1/43rd scale, resplendent in high impact colours. A great addition to any model collection.

1970 Hillman Hunter

The Hillman Hunter was locally assembled from completely knocked down (CKD) kits. Chrysler had taken over the UK Rootes group, providing them with a contemporary entrant in the medium car field. The Hunter also achieved success in rallying, which reinforced its reputation as a rugged and durable vehicle. Trax has really captured the look of the Hunter in 1/43rd scale, even down to the photo etched bonnet emblem. Order yours today!

1974 Holden LH Torana SL

While the high performance models grabbed all the attention, it was the mainstream variants that really drove the sales. The LH Torana was Holden’s all new model that offered a stylish medium sedan for those who didn’t need the larger Kingswood. The rectangular headlights were also a feature of this model, giving a European flavour. Trax has done an amazing job of recreating this popular Holden in 1/43rd scale. Of particular note are the exquisite grille, hubcap and badge detail. Grab yours while stocks last!

Ford Anglia 105E

The release of the Anglia was a key model in Ford’s global aspiration to capture a larger share of the small car market. The Anglia was also a popular model here in Australia and in more recent years, has been made famous by the Harry Potter movies. Trax has reproduced this little gem in 1/43rd scale beautifully, so make sure you don’t miss out on this classic baby Ford.


Ford ZG Fairlane 500

The Ford Fairlane was Australia’s top selling luxury car for many years. Whether it was corporate managers, government leaders, self made small business owners or farmers - the big Ford offered comfort and power in a rugged yet practical package. Available with either the 302 or 351 V8, the ZG Fairlane 500 was a common sight across our great nation. Trax has reproduced the Fairlane in 1/43rd scale very nicely indeed. Stocks are very limited so grab your slice of Aussie motoring history while they last.

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