TRAX Model Car Reviews: Winter 2022
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TRAX Model Car Reviews: Winter 2022

By Shannons - 13 August 2022

1977 XC Ford Fairmont GXL

The GXL model was released as part of the Ford XC range as a replacement for the previous GT model. Offering a choice of 4.1, 4.9 or 5.8 litre engines, 4 wheel disc brakes, special cloth trim, alloy wheels and full instrumentation, the GXL was a handsome package. Trax has captured all the detail in this brilliant 1/43rd scale replica. Stocks are limited so grab yours today.

Chrysler AP3 Royal Ambulance

The AP3 (Australian Production) Chrysler Royal was a top of the line sedan offering for local Mopar enthusiasts, finding favour with farmers and well to do business people. Given its rugged construction it was also well suited to becoming a donor vehicle for ambulance duties - with a unique custom body fitted to the sedan chassis. Trax has done a remarkable job in recreating this Far South Coast District version that would have seen service in NSW in the 1960’s. Every detail, including a stretcher in the rear, is evident in this 1/43rd scale replica.

1973 Leyland Mini Clubman GT

By the early 1970’s the once popular Mini was feeling the pressure from Japanese rivals. Despite this, however, there were still a few loyalists who wanted something different. The Mini Clubman GT met this need, with the local version being offered in a wide range a bright 1970’s colours. Choose either orange or aqua with black GT stripes (or buy both). They really look the part and Trax has captured these cute Clubmans very nicely in 1/43rd scale.


1959-62 Austin Lancer

There was a time in Australia when UK based cars ruled the roads, especially if you were looking for small and medium sized transport. This was before the Japanese domination of the Aussie market. The Austin Lancer sported tail fins and rear tail lights somewhat reminiscent of US Fords from the mid 1950’s. The cars were rugged and offered good levels of comfort. Trax has again done a beautiful job in capturing the look of this classic in 1/43rd scale, especially with its period correct two tone paint finish.

1973-76 Ford Falcon XB GS Ute

Ford’s XB GS ute offered knock out styling, 6 or V8 power plus the practicality of load lugging capacity. This 1/43rd scale model by Trax is finished in a very cool orange replete with black side stripes and bonnet scoops. A must have for blue oval fans. Get em while they last!

1976 Chrysler CL Charger

The CL was the final swan-song for the previously popular Charger. At one stage the Charger accounted for half of Chrysler Australia’s sales volumes, however, as the 1970’s continued, two door coupes started to fade in popularity. Today they are prized collectables and this 1/43rd scale model by Trax is no exception. Finished in a lovely dark turquoise, this model is sure to sell out fast.

1963 Morris Major Elite

The Morris Major Elite was a local offering based on British mechanicals. It proved to be a popular small car in Australia, especially considering the Japanese were yet to dominate the market with their own small car offerings. The Elite was rugged, comfortable and offered good performance for the time. Trax has really done a great job with this 1/43rd scale replica that was once a common sight on the Australian streetscape. These days, the model is probably your best bet in securing one!

1967 Chrysler VC Valiant Ute

The VC Valiant was a very stylish car upon its release in 1966 and was priced slightly above the other Big 3 offerings from Holden and Ford. In offering a utility model called the Wayfarer, Chrysler gave buyers the best of both worlds - the style of the VC sedan with the load capacity of a workhorse utility. The famous Chrysler six cylinder engine also provided plenty of power to haul loads and keep up with the traffic of the day. Trax are to be congratulated for producing this 1/43rd scale model of what is now a very rare sight on Australian roads. Load up with yours today.


2012 FPV R Spec Pursuit Ute

The FPV R Spec ute offered amazing performance and handling in a knock out package. Offered exclusively in Black with red striping and highlights only 75 units were built - making this one of Australia’s rarest limited production models. Today a prized classic, you too can own one in 1/43rd scale thanks to our friends at Trax.


1971 Chrysler VH Valiant Ambulance

Chrysler Australia launched a comprehensively new model range in 1971 with the VH series. These cars featured the “fuselage” look of the US parent company models and the styling was markedly different to the more squared off appearance of the previous series of cars. The larger size also lent itself well to the room required for ambulance duties. This 1/43rd scale model is superb in every detail, showcasing a version used by the Tenterfield District Ambulance Service. A very unusual and distinctly Australian addition to any model collection. Highly recommended.

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