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Paul's Early Model Car Collection: Classic Restos - Series 55

By Shannons - Published on 24 May 2024

Before we visit Paul's early model car collection, Fletch, who has imported several cars, shares some insights into the process. He admits that importing a vehicle can be quite daunting and stressful. He says West Coast Shipping, a company he has used, is well-versed in all the requirements for importing cars and makes it as simple as possible. Interestingly, the timeframe for a San Francisco to Melbourne transit can be completed in around 30-45 days, considering customs and shipping times. West Coast Shipping operates in three US locations: San Francisco, New Jersey and Florida. Fletch recommends Dazmac logistics in Sydney for the final delivery leg in Australia.

Paul, our feature enthusiast in this week's episode, is retired and a member of the Queanbeyan Car Club. He has a real passion for cars, particularly those from the early '30s. To say, he has a few projects on the go is an understatement, but he knows what stage every car is at and what needs to be done. His primary aim is to get the cars running and to keep them as close to the original as possible. Sometimes, it takes several vehicles to restore one, but his objective is to save these vehicles from being scrapped because, as he says, ‘you can't get them back once they are gone’.

His collection includes a '37 Dodge Coupe 2 door, a '35 Ford, two '36 Ford models, a '37 Ford Y Series, and a '52 Ford Customline. He also has a '36 Ford Coupe Ute and an older AR Model Ford. There are bikes, too, a 2009 Honda Shadow and a '55 AJS 500. Paul’s grandson, Liam, is following in his grandfather's footsteps. Liam loves working with his grandfather and says he has learnt a lot along the way. 

Fletch's visit to Paul's collection and seeing his '37 Dodge has stirred up memories of the Portland Classic, particularly of Craig and his father's '39 Pontiac, featured on a previous episode of Classic Restos. Sadly, Craig's father, Ray, who featured prominently in the episode, has since passed away.

Fletch reflects on how, after one of the Portland Classics, he stayed on to help Craig get Ray's '38 Pontiac running. These are great memories and a tribute to Ray, a fine gentleman. The treasured '38 Pontiac remains in the loving care of Craig, brother Daryl, and their families.