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Fletch’s Latest Acquisition - 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car: Classic Restos - Series 56

By Shannons - Published on 21 June 2024

Fletch is excited about his latest acquisition, and it’s not a project car. This 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car is as close to new as you can get, which is unusual for Fletch. It even came with a trunk load of original spare parts. This car is the type you can simply turn the key and enjoy.

It has always been Fletch's goal to own the big three iconic American cars: a Cadillac, a Chrysler Imperial, and a Lincoln Continental. Fletch recalls owning a '77 Silver Monarch LTD and having to sell it due to business commitments at the time. He has regretted that decision ever since, but now he has all three of the big marques; that won't happen again.

His new 1977 Lincoln is in magnificent condition, with not a rattle or squeak to speak of. Presented beautifully in Jubilee Gold, this model was the last of the full-size luxury cars manufactured in the US. Ten years ago, Fletch first spotted the Lincoln Continental Gilmore Museum in the US. He was captivated by its bold styling and build quality. The car was also featured in a past episode of Classic Restos filmed at the Museum.

Fletch also reflects on an episode filmed with another Lincoln fan, Wes from Michigan, with his black 1970 Lincoln Mark 3.