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1967 Ford MUSTANG


Bought the car from the states. it came pretty clean body wise but had major performance issues. Engine was a cheap crate motor that just couldn't get to go correctly. So rather than a small fixer-upper decided to go decent on the motor, transmission, brakes, suspension, exhaust, sound system and other slight body work to get the car looking periodic but still have some of the resto-mod feel. Hope you all like it the way I do. :)


Motor: 351 Windsor stroked, forged pistons, AFR heads producing 630HP
Suspension: ridetech front coilovers, 4-link rear
Wheels/Brakes: US Mags with Baer slotted and cross-drilled brakes
Interior: Mach 1 interior with TMI dash and center console
Sound System: Kicker media player with 2*12" Subs neatly boxed and hidden and all speakers hidden (kickpanels etc).
Body Work - front and rear bumpers have been shaved and tucked for tighter fit, Boss bonnet scoop. front valance and lip is custom
XB Side mirrors

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