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1966 Ford 2 Door Mark 1 Cortina


This is Crystal , my 1966 MK1 Ford Cortina which I have owned for 7 years.
I purchased her from a guy at work who said it was his Grandmothers car and had been sitting in the shed for the last ten years.
he had said to me that it was a 4 Door Column shift car (he was not really into cars and hadnt set eyes on it for quite some time) so when he opened the shed door to my surprise it was a 2 Door 4 speed floor shift.
All we did to get it running was to top up the clutch to unlock the gear stick fluid and a little bit petrol down the carby and she started on the second attempt and ran perfectly.
I had it taken to my mechanic who had it in his workshop, working on it in his quiet time to make sure it was all safe to drive.
I drove her around for 12 months before deciding to get the rust taken out and some back to the original Sunlit Beige Metallic colour as at somrtime in its life it had been painted a standard Beige Colour.
The car was put into my regular panel shop who said they would do this for me.
In the first 12 months it progressed quite quickly having being stripped to a bare shell and all the rust cut out and new pieces made and welded in place.
After that everything stopped despite still making regular payments the car just sat there with little work being done to it.
A friend suggested we move it to a different shop to get it completed and recommended Crispin Crash Repairs.
After speaking to Ben Crispin he agreeded to take it on and in June 2021 it was transferred to their workshop.
Once in the new location the work proceeded at a quick rate and the car going from a bare shell and bags and boxes of unsorted parts to beng completed in September 2022.
It was ready just in timr for the Bay To Birdwood event which i had been wanting to take it to since buying it all those years ago.
To my absolute surprise it awarded the Concours De Elegance Award Post 1950 at the 2022 event.
It was to the hard work of Ben and Dave Crispin, Thane Martin and Paul Atkins at Crispin Crash Repair who made Crystal into more than I had could have ever dreamt of.


All restored back to 100 percent factory original Condition with 95% of the parts that came off the vehicle have been restored.

Category Winner


Vehicle Specs

1500cc 4 Cylinder
4 Speed Floor Shift
Body Style


Motoring Club

RS Owners Club Of South Australia