TRAX Model Car Reviews: Autumn 2022
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TRAX Model Car Reviews: Autumn 2022

By Shannons - 23 March 2022

1973-76 Ford Landau

The Ford Landau was a Thunderbird inspired personal luxury coupe that was released as a special request of then Ford Australia Managing Director Bill Bourke. History tells us that Bill Bourke approved the P5 Ford LTD sedan only on the basis he received his personal coupe model as an addition to the range. Despite slow sales the Landau today enjoys strong collector interest. Fitted with a high compression 351 V8 from the GT, the car also had 4 wheel disc brakes as well as bucket seats front and rear. Trax has done a superb job in reproducing this historic model in 1/43rd scale in white with a black vinyl roof or gold with a tan vinyl roof. Our advice is “buy both” as these limited edition models will sell out fast.

1972 Chrysler VH Valiant Pacer

For the man or woman who wanted Charger mechanical and appearance features in a more practical four door sedan configuration, Chrysler Australia offered the Valiant Pacer. The Pacer was a rare sight on Australian roads, despite the high impact colour and stripe combinations. Powered by the legendary 265 Six Pack, the Pacer was certainly a cut above Falcon and Holden six cylinder sedans of the time in terms of engine performance. Trax have done a wonderful job in capturing this car in 1/43rd scale and the graphics in particular are a real credit. Secure yours today!

Holden HJ Sandman Panel Van

After its debut as a HQ model, the HJ Sandman offered a more rectangular front end reflecting the sedan range. Panel Vans were big news for all of the Big Three (Holden, Ford, Chrysler) back in the 70’s and Holden certainly led the way in sales. This Trax 1/43rd scale model captures the lines perfectly, with the bright colours and stripe details adding to the overall effect. Order yours before the tide goes out on this limited edition replica.

1970 Ford Perana Capri - Andrew Miedecke Racing

The Ford Perana Capri was a South African special edition model that featured a V8 engine in the place of the usual four or six cylinder. These rare, high performance cars were raced extensively in their homeland and more recently the car of choice for Andrew Miedecke Racing. Competing in tarmac rallies including the Shannons sponsored Targa Tasmania, the Perana acquitted itself well against many newer cars. Trax have reproduced this amazing race car in 1/43rd scale with fine details including a full roll cage, along with high impact graphics. Even the Shannons windscreen banner is included. Race to get yours today!

1962 Chevrolet Bel Air

Sold through Holden dealers, these large Chevrolet sedans were the choice of wealthy farmers, doctors, lawyers and other corporate high fliers of the time. Offered with a 283 V8 engine these cars provided driver and passengers with relaxed cruising in comfort and style. Trax has done an absolutely outstanding job in reproducing this classic in 1/43rd scale. Our sample model was finished in a beautiful Lilac colour with red interior. Other period colours are available. This model is strictly limited so please make sure you secure yours today.

1972 Ford Galaxie LTD

This model represented the last of the USA designed full size cars offered in Australia, with this model offered up to 1973 before it was replaced by the Australian designed P5 Ford LTD. The Galaxie LTD was used by Government departments to provide transport for Prime Ministers and Premiers - the 400 cubic inch V8 offering limousine like smoothness. Hats off to Trax for producing this rare car in 1/43rd scale. Order yours today as availability is very limited as the name implies!

1975 Ford LTD 50th Anniversary

In 1975 Ford released a series of limited edition 50th Anniversary models, highlighting the rich manufacturing history of Ford Australia that started in Geelong with the Model T. The P5 LTD was the ultimate expression of how far Ford had come since the days of the Model T, with features like a high compression 351 4V V8, t bar automatic, four wheel disc brakes, air conditioning, powers windows and much more. Offered only in Gold, it is fitting that Trax has celebrated this milestone with a 1/43rd scale replica of this Australian designed luxury limousine.

1962 Ford Fairlane Compact

Compact in the USA sense but a decent sized car here in Australia, the 1962 Fairlane was a luxury offering that provided the latest in American style along with the power of a 260 V8. This stylish sedan was offered as a top of the line model before being replaced in 1965 with the larger Ford Galaxie (1964 Fairlane and Galaxie models were offered). Trax has really excelled here with what can only be described as a 1/43rd scale gem! Beautiful details abound with fine grille sculpturing, excellent body proportions and the characteristic Ford round tail lights with matching rear grille design. Even the iconic Ford lion Red, White and Blue badges are faithfully reproduced. Highly recommended!

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