Shannons Dream Bike Build
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Shannons Dream Bike Build

By Shannons - 27 April 2023
Shannons Dream Bike Build

Shannons has teamed up with Purpose Built Moto, a custom and restoration bike shop on the Gold Coast, to bring you an exclusive six-part series that takes you through the complete bike build process.


From the moment a client walks through our door with an idea right through to their first ride. We'll give you an insider's look at the meticulous Dream Bike Build process, including finding a motorcycle, initial design, engine upgrades, fabrication and paint work and then our favourite part, that first ride on a brand new machine.

Join us as we turn a tired Honda CB500 into a custom hand-built motorcycle.

Episode 1 - Finding the Honda CB500

Episode 1

Tom, with the help of ‘Honest Dave’, search for a suitable Honda CB500.


Episode 2 - Engine Problems

Episode 2

We get stuck into the CB550 engine rebuild, and some early fabrication work, but nothing ever goes to plan with bikes this old. The engine teardown reveals it’s not all good news…


Episode 3 - Fabrication

Episode 3

The CB550 Café Racer starts to take shape. We fabricate the exhaust, tail hoop, brake upgrade and more.


Episode 4 - Getting Some Colour

Episode 4

We head off to the paint shop at Livin Loco for some custom colour mixing, silver leafing and hand pinstriping.


Episode 5 - Final Assembly

Episode 5

Tom Gilroy and his team are ready to assemble the whole bike: the new engine, all the fabrication work, the new Purpose Built Moto electric system, and accessories. Plus, a visit to leather upholsterer Timeless Auto Trim for a bespoke seat design and fit.


Episode 6 - Final Reveal

Episode 6

The final bike reveal is here! And it really is something special.  Tom runs through the modifications, heads out on a test ride and then it’s time for the final handover to the client Scott, and his first ride. Find out if they delivered Scott’s dream bike!