More Than Holden Our Own
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More Than Holden Our Own

By Shannons - 13 July 2023

More than Holden our own is an expanded, commemorative edition marking the 75th and 100th anniversary of the first Australian motor body for General Motors built by Holden Motor Body Builder.

With more intricate and equally fascinating details, more hitherto unknown facts and more myth busting. In fact, a braver, broader exposé of the legend of the Holden car, the Holden Family, and its amazing enterprises.

From very humble beginnings as a simple leather goods merchant in England, right through the courage of the dynasty’s young founder in uprooting his whole life and forsaking his family to come to this ‘new nation’ of Australia. The generations of effort to expand, diversify and adapt to unimaginable conditions – the hardships of war, the constraints of government, the financial hardship of the depression, the ever-challenging competitiveness of rivals, and what was tantamount to bullying foreign ownership, the changing requirements, and unique conditions of this land of extreme climate, rough roads, demanding technology, and the diverse culture and desires of its people.

Yet Holden did it. Against the odds. Holden, the family, the name, the car, the business conglomerate, achieved unprecedented, phenomenal success and popularity, and international admiration.

Holden our own told, for the first time, the true story. It expounded some of the myths and errors that had thrived for years.

More than Holden our own ventures further onto hallowed ground and forbidden territory. It says even more.

This book is a rare offering not only for the motoring enthusiast and Holden aficionados and historians but for every true and proud Australian.

About the Author

William James Holden was born in East Melbourne. His first involvement with General Motors-Holden’s Ltd. came during his years at university when he performed a wide range of maintenance work on plant and equipment at both Fishermans Bend and Dandenong. His first white collar job was as an engineer in the company’s Central Laboratory. He is the last member of the legendary Holden Family who has worked in the automobile industry founded by his family and who bears the Holden name.He and his lovely wife Rosario have two wonderful daughters and now a grandson. And yes, he does drive a Holden. Always has.