The Original Falcon GTHO History - Much more than you could ever have imagined!
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The Original Falcon GTHO History - Much more than you could ever have imagined!

By Shannons - 18 October 2023

It's your last chance to secure your copy of "The 1969 Ford Falcon XW GTHO Phase 1 Register," affectionately known as the 'Phase 1 Bible.' This is not just a book; it's a treasure trove of everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Falcon GTHO.

What's Inside:

  • Factory production records of all 260 'Phase 1s,' revealing their unique color, trim, and options.
  • The secrets of genuine Falcon GTHO identification, including ID plate decoding.
  • Exclusive period photographs from inside the Ford Motor Company vaults.
  • Rare Ford documents, including the 'blueprint' specifications for the HO.
  • Pre-delivery paperwork and original sales receipts.
  • The untold story of how Ford Special Vehicles began and the epic battle to win at Bathurst.
  • The biography of Al Turner, the father of the Falcon GTHO.
  • A glimpse of the rarest GTHO ever built!
  • The Owners Gallery showcasing photos from previous and current owners.
  • Insight into how many GTHOs have actually survived.
  • Shocking pictures of stolen and crashed HOs.
  • Unbelievable photos of a barn-find GTHO.
  • Decades of value trends and future predictions.
  • Over a dozen full-feature stories, including the best XW GTHO Phase 1 in the country.
  • Mythbuster: The astonishing truth about the XW GT 428 - Bill Bourke Special.
  • The shocking story of 'The Imposter,' a fake race car exposed!
  • Production records for the Surfer-Roo unveiled - why Ford only made five of them.
  • Finally proof that Ford did build at least one Automatic version of the Falcon GTHO.

Reserve Your Piece of History Today:

Don't be among the few who will miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Reserve your copy now and become one of the fortunate ones to own "The 1969 Ford Falcon XW GTHO Phase 1 Register”. This publication is officially licensed by the Ford Motor Company.

A Passionate Tribute:

Written and researched by renowned Ford GTHO Historian, Ross Vasse, this book is a loving tribute to the iconic Windsor HO – the 1969 Ford Falcon XW GTHO Phase I. With painstaking research and an abundance of never-before-seen period photographs, Ross Vasse shares a lifetime of knowledge. This book is the definitive Bible for the 'Windsor HO’.

Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know:

This book places everything you've ever wanted to know about the Falcon GTHO right in the palm of your hands. Act swiftly— and move faster than Allan Moffat in a Falcon GTHO down Conrod Straight to secure your piece of automotive history.

Act Now:

Priced at just $275 plus shipping, the Blue Edition for the GTHO Phase I is available for a limited time only. Once sold out, it will vanish like the previously released GTHO books, which are now made of 'Unobtainium’. The official release date is November 30th, 2023, ensuring delivery before Christmas.

Pre-order your copy today – and visit before they close at midnight on 31st October 2023.

About the Author:

Ross Vasse is a distinguished Ford GTHO Historian, recognised for his dedication to preserving the legacy of the Falcon GTHO. With years of research and a passion for Ford's iconic Windsor HO, Vasse is your trusted guide into the world of the Falcon GTHO.


The GTHO Register is offering $100 off pre-orders of 'The 1969 Ford Falcon XW GTHO Phase 1 Register” for Shannons Club Members who purchase with the discount code. 

Valid until midnight 31st October 2023
RRP $275 + $24 P&H
For more information contact the Ford GTHO Historian via