Shannons Trans Am & Indian Chief Competition Winner Announced
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Shannons Trans Am & Indian Chief Competition Winner Announced

By Shannons - 14 January 2022

Shocked would be an understatement for Emily of Queensland when told of her win in the Shannons Trans Am & Indian Motorcycle competition. However, her good fortune is slowly sinking in while her family and friends can't believe it's true.

A customer with Shannons for several years, Emily first insured a 1968 Holden HR Special and other cars since, including Mazda 6 and taking out a policy on her latest car, a Suzuki Vitara provided her with multiple entries in the Trans Am draw.

When asked why she chose Shannons Insurance, Emily said from her experience Shannons were always happy to chat with you about your car. They show a genuine interest, and it's just so refreshing. And importantly, they know what they are talking about when it comes to cars, your home insurance and motorcycles.

Congratulations, Emily. The Trans Am is about to be shipped to Queensland. Get those club plates ready.