Nostalgic Bobby McGees’ memorabilia in Shannons Online Auction
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Nostalgic Bobby McGees’ memorabilia in Shannons Online Auction

By Shannons - 01 August 2022

Amazing décor of a bygone era opens Shannons Timed Online Winter Auction that runs from August 2-9.

The opening 18 lots are from Melbourne’s Bobby McGees – a unique institution and a weekly destination for many Melbourne party goers, where industry evenings were in full bloom in the 1990s. Bobby’s was renowned for its interactive evenings, dancing and competitions.

The Items from Bobby McGees include enamel and neon garage signs, classic fuel pumps, period lamps and life buoys, fuel cans, sundry enamel shop signs, a shoe shop display and a historic wall clock.

Enamel Sign - Shell Super-charged double sided Arrow (to mount above Globe)

While all lots are listed for sale with ‘no reserve’, estimated auction sale prices range from the estimated $200-$300 for three Shell, Vacuum and Caltex spirit tins, to the $2,000-$3,000 for a double-sided Shell Super-charged Arrow enamel sign.

Neon sign - Polly's on backing (115 x 30 x 17cm)
Neon Sign - Garage on backing (160 x 35 x 19cm)

Two neon signs – the 115 x 309 x 17cm ‘Poly’s’ and 160 x 35 x 19cm ‘Garage – each on a backing – are also each offered with ‘no reserve’, but are expected to bring $1,000-$1,500 apiece.

Petrol Pump - Gilbarco CM in Power Chief Livery
Petrol Pump - Gilbarco CM in Shell livery

A Gilbarco CM petrol pump in Power Chief livery is expected to sell for $1,000-$3,000, while another Gilbarco CM pump in Shell livery is slated to bring $2,500 to $3,500.

Many of the Bobby McGee’s items will bring back special memories to patrons of the iconic Melbourne venue and are expected to drive bids.

The charity lot in Shannons Timed Online Winter Auction from August 2-9 is this race replica helmet mounted in a Perspex case and signed by V8 Supercars drivers Rick and Todd Kelly,  that is expected to raise $1,500-$2,000.

Another 10 memorabilia items in the August 2-9 auction, including an original Porsche 356 nose clip and bumper bar (‘no reserve’ $2,000-$4,000) and a 1978 Sybaris Rock-Ola 474 ‘The Pulse of Pleasure’ juke box (‘no reserve’, $4,000-$6,000), while the auction’s charity lot is a race replica helmet signed by Rick and Todd Kelly, mounted a Perspex case, that is expected to raise $1,500-$2,000.

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