Daniel’s signed F1 ‘Shoey’ to benefit Men’s Shed
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Daniel’s signed F1 ‘Shoey’ to benefit Men’s Shed

By Shannons - 04 October 2022

The signed Alpinestars F1 racing boot of Australian F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo is a highlight of the special charity lots in Shannons Motorclassica timed online rare number plate auction.

Bidding for the prized ‘Shoey’ opens from 10am (AEST) tomorrow (October 4) and closes from 7pm at Motorclassica at the Melbourne’s Exhibition Building, with a live Auction on Saturday evening, October 8.

All proceeds from the boot's auction will be donated to the Victorian Men's Shed Association that provides a place for people to get together to work on common projects and contribute to their community.

Ricciardo’s racing boot is amongst the final lots of Shannons Timed Online Motorclassica Auction. Offered with ‘no reserve’ and with an anticipated selling price of $1,500-$2,500, it will be sold following the auction of 23 rare Victorian numeric number plates.

With Ricciardo’s 2023 F1 future still undecided, the chance to secure part of his famous racing wardrobe is a unique opportunity.

After a successful five-year stint with Red Bull, Ricciardo surprised the F1 world by signing with Renault (now Alpine) in late 2018 before leaving to join McLaren for 2021.

Ricciardo’s second season saw him credited with the revival of the French team’s F1 fortunes, with the Australian earning two podiums and finishing fifth overall in the Drivers’ Points Standings.

The ankle-high FIA-certified Alpinestars right boot that he wore during his time with Renault is made from fire resistant material and is emblazoned with Ricciardo’s racing number ‘3’ on its a heel. His distinctive and flamboyant signature is on its Velcro-fastened tongue.

Held in collaboration with its Victorian partner, Custom Plates, Shannons rare number plate auction starts online from 10am tomorrow (October 4), with bidding continuing until closing at Motorclassica from 7pm with a live Auction on Saturday (October 8).

Shannons has maintained its long term sale and expertise in the number plate space, continuously resetting the benchmark for prices in Australia in the past decade.

The highlight plates of the Auction include a range of three, four, five and six-digit numbers, including many desirable ‘lucky’ numbers and those with appealing numeric combinations.

The numerically-lowest best of the Victorian three-digit plates is ‘363’, which is expected to make $500,000-$600,000. Other 3-digit plates in the auction include ‘388’, ‘428’, ‘774’ and ‘929’.

A popular 5-digit plate for its numerical synergy is ’43-334’, that is expected to sell for $100,000-$150,000, while for similar reasons the six-digit ‘269.962’ should appeal at $25,000-$35,000.

Amongst other desirable six-digit plates are the ‘100.222’ and‘100.333’ ($30,000-$50,000), and '10.777' ($100,000-$180,000), while of the 4-digit plates, ‘1.995’ ($200,000-$300,000) would make an ideal birthday gift for a child or grand-child.

Other early black and white number plates in the auction with proven collectability are the distinctive Victorian bicentennial plates ‘1805’,’1910’ and ‘1931’ that are expected to sell from $100,000-$150,000.

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