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SIMCA CAR CLUB AUSTRALIA INC. HISTORY   In 1988 Darrell Manning who was a Simca owner and enthusiast placed an advertisement in the “Sunday Times” newspaper seeking fellow Simca enthusiasts to contact him with the view of establishing a club to cater for the owners of the Simca cars. There was only one respondent to the advertisement and that was John Pickles.  The Simca Car Club of WA was formed in the same year with the initial two members Darrel Manning as President and John Pickles as Secretary Treasurer.  We soon became aware that we were the only car club in Australia to solely represent the Simca marque, it was then that the  club began in earnest to promote it’s existence through newspaper and magazine advertisements throughout Australia which resulting in an increase in membership and a renewed interest in what was a forgotten make of car. In October 1994 the Simca Car Club of Western Australia issued the first of an ongoing series of newsletters titled “SWALLOW TALES” which proved popular reading not only among our own members but within various car clubs in Australia and around the world with an end result of increased membership within the club.  Shortly after and with the assistance of friend and fellow old car enthusiast Howard Ware an internet club site and home page was established, again resulting in an increase in membership. Come the year 2000 and our membership consisted mainly of members residing in the Eastern States of Australia it was suggested we have a Simca National Rally for members to come together on a social basis and to formally discuss the future of the club.  The first Simca National Rally was held in Adelaide South Australia in September 2001.  This rally was an outstanding success which resulted in a change of title of the club to reflect the national membership, the club was now known as the SIMCA CAR CLUB AUSTRALIA. It was also voted to hold a Simca National Rally every two years, which has in fact happened. The Simca Car Club Australia Inc. is and always has been a non-profit organization run by volunteer members.  John Pickles    State Representative WA    Simca Car Club Australia Inc.     

Executive Committee

Rob Stapley
Iain Dyer

Assistant Committee

Iaian and Liela Dyer
State Representative for N.S.W.:
Morrie Barrett
State Representative for Victoria:
Andrew Woodson
State Representative for W.A. and Life Member:
Mitch Burnett
State Representative for South Australia:
Rob and Ina Stapley
State Representative for QLD.:
Luke and Michelle Huntly
N.Z. Representative:
Gerard Crombie
Public Officer:
Ian Powell

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