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By Carclub - 27 June 2014

Very important information please read.

Registration day at Clubrooms - annually in JUNE

The following documents are required on registration day:
1 Application for renewal of membership form completely filled out( Refer to form included in Klaxon)
2 Registration certificate with proof of payment (if payment is made by telephone ensure you receive a receipt number and enter this in the appropriate place on the registration certificate).
3 Statutory declaration, one per vehicle (refer to form provided in the Klaxon, )signed by a JP, Commissioner for taking affidavits or a proclaimed Police Officer. If you are registering more than one vehicles please photo copy the form provided . A stat dec is required for each car
4. Statutory declarations are required annually Please have the stat dec signed first week of June 2014 this will then be valid for the financial year 2014-2015. please bring this declaration with you on registration day. Any Statutory declarations signed before June 2014 will be void and a current one is required for registration day.
5 Logbook (log books are valid for three years only , if you will need a new one ensure you bring $3.00 for each log book, one per vehicle)


Following membership payment a receipt will be issued that you must retain .

Members who have not completed the mandatory 3 events rule will not be eligible for concessional registration and membership renewal. Note registration day is not classified as an event for last years calendar, this will be classed as the first for next year.

Information a gentle reminder of club rules on questions often asked by members
( Q) Can a child 8 years and under ride in my club car without seat belts fitted ?
(A) YES but must be seated in back seat at all times, this rule applies in SA only as other States you must have seat restraints (seat belts) and they must be Government approved with engineers Certificate.
(Q) Do I have to fill in my log book if when just going out for fuel?
(A) YES if you leave your private property , your log book must be filled in at all times , or your vehicle is deemed unregistered and you will receive a fine and lose demerit points
(Q) Do I still have to do 3 events if my car is off the road getting restoration work done ?
(A) Yes as passed by the committee and voted on at the AGM you must attend 3 club functions to retain your club membership in a club year. You can do events in your Modern car.
(Q) Can a member of my family drive my club car?
(A) yes as long as the log book is filled in each day it is used and is registered.
(Q) Do I need to fill in a statutory Declaration every year?
(A) YES and your signature witnessed by a JP. And one copy per car and passed in on registration day
(How often must I have my club vehicle inspected?
(A) As per Government Code of Practice every 3years by the club's authorised inspector