Laverda Jota: The Triple Dance…
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Laverda Jota: The Triple Dance…

By BikeReview - 13 April 2021

Words: Jeff Ware, Mick Withers Photography: JPM Photography

Long before this bike came along, Cee Jay had already worked out his ideal bike in his mind. Along with other desirable traits, it had to be ‘Big, loud and fast.’

The dual clocks and café-racer adjustable handlebars. 

“This bike found me,” laughed Cee Jay. “My girlfriend bought me a Laverda SFC and that opened the gates that resulted in a good mate offering me this bike at a fair price.”

Original Laverda Orange bodywork and Jota Sports Seat.

At that time it was stock but the Jota has been on the receiving end of a number of mods aimed at improving performance. With a bore and stroke of 80mm and 74mm respectively, the triple is now pushing 1116cc and has a compression ratio of 10.5:1, courtesy of the Ross pistons supplied by Redax Laverda Engineering. The 180-degree crank gives it that unique Laverda exhaust note, aided by the genuine Laverda 4C camshafts. Redax are responsible for the rebuild of this engine and the supply of parts including the Sasche ignition with nine advance curves pre-loaded.

Standard exhaust, KONI shocks, Pirelli Sport Demon 120/18in.
Brembo PO8 calipers, floating cast iron rotors, braided lines, Pirelli 110 x 18in Sport Demon tyre.

Controlling the metering of the fuel is a trio of Dellorto PHF32 carbs; just like the day it left the Breganze factory. Feeding the exhaust gases rearward is a completely stock Jota exhaust system that is free-flowing enough to allow the big engine to breathe. While Redax had the engine on the bench, they also had a close look at the gearbox and clutch. All that was required to handle the additional torque from this engine was a new set of clutch plates.

Cee Jay had done almost 300,000km on the bike when this was written…

Carrying all of this torque and thunder around is a stock frame that remains exactly the way it left the factory. The 38mm Marzocchi front-end has been stripped and refilled with a mixture of ATF and 5WT fork oil. The shocks have been replaced with a pair of Koni Dial-a-rides. Laverda five-spoke 18-inch mags carry 110 and 120mm width Pirelli tyres.

Narrow triple to slip through the airstream.
The original exhaust was free flowing enough for the big bore.

What has been changed is the braking system. Brembo PO8 twin-piston calipers caress the fully floating 280mm front rotors. The same size but solid rear rotor is also matched with a PO8 caliper. Other than a set of braided brake lines, the rest of the brake system remains as Breganze intended.

Original Laverda adjustable above triple-clamp race handlebars.

Bodywork is all stock with the tank, sidecovers and both guards exactly how they left Breganze. The seat is a Jota Sport but still stock.

Big bore 1116cc 80mm x 74mm, 95RWHP.

Cee Jay places his hands on a set of the unique fully adjustable Laverda Jota handlebars that were developed in response to a racing rule that said all handlebars must be mounted above the top triple-tree. Gotta love a company that deals with problems like that. Under his feet is a set of genuine Laverda Jota rearsets that Cee Jay reckons are the greatest things in history.

A great looking machine from any angle, the Jota is a true superbike for the 1980s and early 1970s. 

Considering how many other companies have tried to copy them over the years, he may be right. A close second on his list of greatness is an Italian dictionary. Cee Jay has ridden over 300,000km on this bike. Amazing, and look at the condition…


COLOURS: Laverda Orange


CHASSIS: Tubular steel

SUSPENSION: Marzocchi non-adjustable conventional front fork, Koni Dial-a-ride shock absorbers

BRAKES: Brembo calipers and 280mm floating front rotors, Brembo caliper and solid rear rotor

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