Arthurs Seat, Vic
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Arthurs Seat, Vic

By AusMotorcyclistMag - 02 August 2021



160km return. Fuel available at Melbourne, Dromana and Red Hill.

If you want a truly scenic route out of Melbourne for a lunch ride then whipping down to Arthurs Seat and up to Red Hill to Red Gum BBQ along the Mornington Peninsula hits the nail on the head.

The first and last part of this ride is a little boring but the easiest and fastest way to get you down to the Peninsula. Make sure you fill up in Melbourne. There are a number of service stations along the route but just filling up once will make this ride more enjoyable.

Head down the Nepean Highway following the water to Mornington and turn right onto Beleura Hill Road and follow it just over a kilometre, then follow the road around to the left. This is the Esplanade.

Follow this all the way with the water on your right hand side as your marker. As you approach Safety Beach you’ll pass under an open bridge (the easiest way to describe it) and up and along through Safety Beach – this is now Marine Drive. A kilometre or so further you’re in Dromana where you need to either stop for a coffee or turn left onto McCulloch Street and keep riding. Head under the freeway and around to the right; this is Arthurs Seat Road.

Head up the hill, down the hill and back up the hill a few times for the most fun part of this ride, then once you’re feeling peckish head for Red Gum BBQ!

Red Gum BBQ is located behind the United service station at 87 Arthurs Seat Road. Unless you’re vegetarian, Red Gum BBQ will make your insides smile with happiness and when you’re refreshed it’s time to head back down the hill for some more of those awesome corners and the absolutely stunning view of Port Phillip Bay.


82km. Fuel available at Balnarring. The return route of this ride is the exact same way you came, although if you’ve got some time up your sleeve, turn left when you get down the bottom of the hill onto Point Nepean Drive (Marine Drive). Turn left onto Boneo Road which is a few kays down the road and follow it over to Flinders with Bass Strait on your right hand side.

Head up through Balnarring, Hastings and Somerville to get back onto the Nepean Highway and cruise along back into Melbourne.



Frankston is often referred to as “the gateway to the Mornington Peninsula”. If you’re heading past Frankston, you’re heading the right way!


Mornington is known for its “village” atmosphere and beautiful beaches. Mornington is a popular tourist destination with Melburnians who often make day trips to visit the area’s bay beaches and wineries. The town centre runs into the foreshore area and local beach. It is the start of the stunning scenery you’ll check out during this ride.


I never know which way to look while riding through Safety Beach. Do I look at the beachfront homes, thinking I’d love to live there; or do I look at the stunning calm water of Port Phillip Bay and the lovely beach? Either way, it’s not so safe riding through Safety Beach because I’m never watching where I’m going.


Dromana is situated at the foot of the towering peak of Arthurs Seat. Dromana’s centre is concentrated along the coastal boulevard of Point Nepean Road, with Arthurs Seat and its surrounding bushland providing a scenic backdrop to the shops and cafes along this route.

The foreshore consists of grassy picnic areas, shelters, walking tracks and designated camping areas. The calm, sandy beaches provide safe swimming and boating opportunities. Points of interest along the coast include the Dromana Pier and the rocky cutting at Anthonys Nose where you’ll find a boat ramp.


Arthurs Seat Road begins at the Mornington Peninsula Freeway overpass, quickly transforming itself into a scenic and winding mountain road as it ascends to the Arthurs Seat peak. Along the way are several spectacular lookouts where you can stop and admire the stunning scenery of the Mornington Peninsula, Port Phillip and Bass Strait from different angles and elevations.

At the peak of Arthurs Seat are several more scenic viewing areas, a lookout, BBQ and picnic facilities, and the Arthurs Hotel which overlooks a vineyard and provides breathtaking views from both its indoor and outdoor dining areas. If you want the thrill of riding the gondola – you will have ducked for as you rode up (or is that just because I’m tall?) – just find the Arthurs Seat Eagle. It operates up and down the mountain, offering superb coastal and bush views -


Now famous for Red Gum BBQ, eat to your stomachs content and talk plenty of BS with your mates over who, what and why made it up Arthurs Seat the fastest.


Rosebud is one of the larger beachside centres in this area and was named after the English schooner that was blown ashore in 1855, a short distance to the west of where the Rosebud Pier now stands. The Pier is the focal point of the area and extends about 300 metres into the water.


Mostly a waypoint for this ride, but if you’ve got the time, Flinders has a number of historical buildings within the town, complemented by several antique shops, the Flinders Fine Art Gallery and the popular Flinders Bakehouse Cafe.

Attractions along the coast include Bass Park, which provides spectacular views down to the Flinders Jetty and across Western Port, as well as being home to a monument dedicated to George Bass and Matthew Flinders who were the first non-Aboriginal explorers in the area.


A waypoint for this ride and if you need fuel there’s a Caltex on the northern side of town.


Again, another waypoint, if you’re riding through Somerville, you’re heading the right way back to Melbourne, although it’s pretty hard to get lost from this point. If you do head directly north you’ll end up in Dandenong and can follow the signs back to Melbourne from there.